New Launch: Class timetable, bookings and payments directly from your own website

If you’re one of the many Health and Fitness Professionals with your own website, then this is for you.

The team here at My Fitness Times is excited to launch the ability to embed your timetable directly into your own website.

You can now have your own professional looking timetable, class booking and class payments system directly on your website – making it simple, easy and quick for new and existing clients to find what they want and book your class.

For your clients, they can view your class timetable, filter to find the right class, message the instructor, book classes and make payments – all accessed from a link embedded in your website.

Its simple to set up. When logged into your Instructors admin page, just click on the ‘Generate Code’ button and then cut and paste into your own website code.

We really hope this will help you take your Health and Fitness business to the next level, presenting your classes in a professional way which really shows off what you can do.

And most importantly it lets you spend more time doing what you love doing … working with clients.

All the very best

The My Fitness Times Team

Motivating Yourself to Go to the Gym

We’ve all been there – you’ve got all the best intentions of getting up and motivating yourself to go to the gym, sticking with it and becoming the toned god or goddess you’ve always known was inside you, but somehow it never quite seems to happen because life gets in the way. Check out some of our top tips for getting motivated:

Our Top Tips on Motivating Yourself to Go to the Gym

1. Fitness Classes Near Me!

Fitness classes are a great way to ease yourself gently into gym-going, but don’t expect them to be a walk in a park. The motivation of being in a class full of people can be very powerful; all but the least competitive people find it hard to stop for a breather when everyone around them seems to be doing fine.

Find fitness classes near you to maximise your chances of attending; even better, find some that are near your work. That way you’ll have no excuse not to swing by for a bit of cardio on your way home from work, or attend yoga classes in the morning before you start.

Once you’re attending a class regularly you’ll build a relationship with the instructor and feel bad about letting them down by not attending, which is always good motivation. Even better, add other members of your fitness class to your social circle for added accountability.

2. Buddy up

If you’ve got a friend who’s also looking to get fit, going to the gym together can be an excellent way to stay on track with fitness goals. Your friend will be able to give you a pep-talk when you can’t be bothered, and you can do the same for them.

Someone to talk to could also help to make the gym more interesting for you because you can help one another out and work towards common goals – you might even find yourself looking forward to your sessions on the treadmill.

3. Create a personal reward system

We all respond well to rewards, and it’s a good way to psychologically programme yourself to enjoy the gym if you’re looking forward to a treat at the end of it. Why not book yourself in for a facial or a massage after every 10 or 20 gym sessions?

You’ll find yourself working towards it with much more enthusiasm – just try to keep your treats healthy and don’t make them all about food – sabotaging your exercise with too many sweet treats could cause your progress to stall and may create an unhealthy relationship with food.

If you’re looking for fitness classes near you to help you keep on top of your fitness goals, take a look at our yoga, pilates and zumba options, all of which will help you to burn calories in a fun environment.

Gym Hacks: Find The Right Personal Trainer To Get The Most Out Of You

Have you ever tried to commit to a regime with a personal trainer and it hasn’t stuck? A personal trainer can be a fantastic asset to changing your lifestyle for the better, or simply to hit a new fitness target, but if you don’t find the right person, it can actually do more harm than good.

Searching online can be overwhelming, so to help you on your journey, we’ve put together some of the most useful gym hacks to help you find the right personal trainer! After all, you have to be able to spend a lot of time and energy with a personal trainer – so you have to get it right!

With My Fitness Times, half the work is done. By cutting out the middle man, you can book in with the personal trainer that you choose, rather than blindly searching online or checking in with different gyms.

5 x Gym Hacks

1. Make Sure they are cert-ainly certified

Believe it or not, the term personal trainer isn’t protected. That means that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer and take money from prospective clients. A good, successful personal trainer should be able to show you their qualifications from reputable organisations, and should come with plenty of recommendations from others like you.

2. Know your own motivation

It’s no use lying to yourself or to your trainer. If you need someone to be quite hard on you, and push you, then that’s the type of trainer you should be working with. Some people respond better to positive reinforcement. Whatever works for you, start from there, and be very clear with your instructor.

3. See the results

You wouldn’t buy flat pack furniture without seeing what the end result looked like, and when you’re shopping around for a personal trainer, it’s fair to ask if you can see the before and after results of their work with clients, whether that’s photos or stats.

4. Choose someone with the right expertise

If you’re looking to become better at a particular discipline, like intense fitness classes, choose someone with relevant experience in that area. Similarly, if you want to bulk up, you’re going to be looking for that six foot two bodybuilder!

5. Develop a strong working relationship

If you can’t communicate effectively with your instructor, it may be time to find a personal trainer who is on your wavelength. To get the best from you, you need to gel – do you feel motivated or punished by their constructive criticism?

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, and to be honest with your personal trainer. You need to feel challenged, but not pushed beyond your limits. Fitness is about getting healthy, and giving yourself a great quality of life, so your personal trainer needs to add, not detract from that!