Top tips to boost your fitness motivation

We’ve all been there – you’ve got all the best intentions of getting up and going to the gym, sticking with it and becoming the toned god or goddess you’ve always known was inside you, but somehow it never quite seems to happen because life gets in the way. Check out some of our top tips for getting motivated:

Fitness classes near me

Fitness classes are a great way to ease yourself gently into gym-going, but don’t expect them to be a walk in a park. The motivation of being in a class full of people can be very powerful; all but the least competitive people find it hard to stop for a breather when everyone around them seems to be doing fine.

Find fitness classes near you to maximise your chances of attending; even better, find some that are near your work. That way you’ll have no excuse not to swing by for a bit of cardio on your way home from work, or attend yoga classes in the morning before you start.

Once you’re attending a class regularly you’ll build a relationship with the instructor and feel bad about letting them down by not attending, which is always good motivation. Even better, add other members of your fitness class to your social circle for added accountability.

Buddy up

If you’ve got a friend who’s also looking to get fit, going to the gym together can be an excellent way to stay on track with fitness goals. Your friend will be able to give you a pep-talk when you can’t be bothered, and you can do the same for them.

Someone to talk to could also help to make the gym more interesting for you because you can help one another out and work towards common goals – you might even find yourself looking forward to your sessions on the treadmill.

Create a personal reward system

We all respond well to rewards, and it’s a good way to psychologically programme yourself to enjoy the gym if you’re looking forward to a treat at the end of it. Why not book yourself in for a facial or a massage after every 10 or 20 gym sessions?

You’ll find yourself working towards it with much more enthusiasm – just try to keep your treats healthy and don’t make them all about food – sabotaging your exercise with too many sweet treats could cause your progress to stall and may create an unhealthy relationship with food.

If you’re looking for fitness classes near you to help you keep on top of your fitness goals, take a look at our yoga, pilates and zumba options, all of which will help you to burn calories in a fun environment.

Everything you need to know about the different types of yoga

Yoga may be an ancient art, but its popularity has been retained through a number of revisions and adaptations. New styles focusing on certain elements of yoga or teaching it in a specific manner mean that the simple term ‘yoga’ can cover a huge range of exercises and activities. Depending on your body, age, and the type of exercise you’re looking for, you’ll want to find a class that suits you and gives you exactly what you’re looking for from yoga. There are certainly some common features – all share the same ancestor from thousands of years ago, and all should help you find relaxation and peace. This guide will give a brief explanation of the different styles so that you can find the one that suits you best.

Iyengar yoga

One of the most common forms of yoga, Iyengar is a good style for beginners as props can help you make sure you get things perfect from the off, even if you’re not able to hold some of the more advanced poses. Emphasis is placed on alignment, precision and detail, especially with regards to posture and breathing.

Ashtanga yoga

This is a more energetic style of yoga, where poses are held for short periods of time and moved through more quickly. A variation of this style of yoga, Mysore, allows a traditional learning method of one-to-one tuition as students arrive within a certain time-frame to practise in the presence of their teacher.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga often includes some of the wider aspects of yoga and, as well as poses and physical exertion, includes meditation and special breathing techniques which can help to reduce stress and make the student feel more relaxed. This form of yoga is also known as the ‘yoga of awareness’.

Jivamukti yoga

Although this style of yoga was only founded relatively recently, it has a much wider scope of the ancient practices of yoga, including music. It teaches students to embrace the whole philosophy and apply it to their lives, as well as hold the poses.

Hatha yoga

The antithesis of Jivamukti yoga, this style focuses precisely on the physical activity of yoga, minimising the attention paid to the traditional and philosophical aspects of the art.

Bikram yoga

One of the more esoteric styles of yoga, this style focuses on a specific set of poses which are run through in a heated (usually around 40 °C) environment to give students a thorough physical workout.

While you may find that some styles suit your needs best, all types of yoga are open to absolute beginners, even the more physical styles, so it’s worth giving a few a try. Once you’ve decided which style you like, see if you can find yoga classes near you.

Your guide to fashionable fitness wear

Sportswear is cool right now, whether you’re working out or not, and it’s not a trend that’s confined to the fashion pack. From retro puma sneakers and funky graphic leggings to hi-tech gadgets, everyone from yummy mummies to teens is embracing it – and why not?

Comfy for cardio

If you’re planning a cardio workout like a run or a spin class, then comfort is absolutely crucial; you need fabrics that are breathable to help wick away sweat, as few seams as possible to avoid those uncomfortable chafing sensations and you don’t want to be covered up too much, because staying cool is key.

Fitness trackers were a niche trend until this year, but they’ve broken into the mainstream in a big way in 2015 – and you know what? They’re pretty cool! If you’re doing a cardio workout then they’re ideal for keeping track of how many steps you’ve taken and the number of calories you’ve burned – the fancy ones will measure your heart rate to make sure it’s totally accurate. Check out our blog detailing the best fitness gadgets to help you choose.

Clothes for classes

Lots of us attend fitness classes like Zumba with our friends and family, which means there’s more of an incentive to look good than there might be if you were working out alone.

Try picking one really bold item of fitness wear like a graphic printed T-shirt, a bright pair of leggings or some neon trainers, then keep the rest of your outfit pretty low key. You can build your look around one attention-grabbing piece, but make sure the rest of your outfit is block colours, so you don’t clash too much!

Keeping it stretchy

For yoga classes and Pilates sessions it’s pretty important that your clothing is workout-appropriate, and that means that it needs to be as stretchy as you are (or as stretchy as you will be by the time you’re done!)

Because you’ll break less of a sweat, you don’t need to be so concerned with high performance items of clothing; just make sure that they’ve got a lot of give. Choose soft cotton jersey fabrics and more subdued tones to suit the relaxed atmosphere of this type of class.

Make sure you’ve painted your nails, because you’re sure to have your shoes off at some point!

Outside the gym

You don’t have to be sweating it out in the gym to embrace some cool and comfy gymwear – fun trainers are a great way to embrace the fitness trend without going the whole hog.

Retro suede trainers look great with skinny jeans or even a dress, while more funky neon colours can add interest to a low maintenance outfit.

Exercise classes near me

If you’re looking for a fitness class near you where you can rock your new threads, take a look on for a selection of options close to you.