Body Fit Blits
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Body Fit Blits £6.00

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Thu 1st Jan, 12:00am
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“I don't have enough time” this is the class for you

| Interval Training

Holy Cross church, 260 Hornchurch Road, Havering, London, Greater London,, RM11 1QA

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Benifits of Body Fit Blitz Improves cardiovascular fitness keeping Heart healthy Helps you build lean muscle Helps you burn fat You will continue burning fat long after the workout has finished Can Help control your Diabetes Retains muscle you already have Conditions your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems Does not take hours of your time Just 35 mins (Approx) Helps you burn more calories while at rest Improves your endurance and stamina Increases your metabolism Varied workouts prevent boredom Boost immune system Body Fit Blitz is guaranteed to help burn excess fat, helping you to tone up and sculpt your entire body, giving you your ideal figure without bulking you up. This short but powerful 35 min (Approx) fitness class consisting of just Three rounds. Round one has twelve exercises using just bodyweight with controlled movements, Round Two has the same twelve exercises but this time we ramp them up to burn even more calories. The last and final round or "MAX OUT" round is only five exercises back to back all flat out, maximum effort round Ramping up even more and giving each and every exercise every last bit of energy you have left to burn as many calories as you possibly can. All these exercises have been put together and tailored just for women to give you the best results possible so come on down and start your journey to a new happier healthier you. Each week Body Fit Blitz will focus on different body areas such as: Legs, Bums and Tums in our TLC For Your LBTs Lower Body in Beach Butt Bootcamps Full body workouts in Full body Func and Cardio Pump Upper Body in Bingo Wing Blaster Core in AbsElicious

Special requirements

bring a towel, water and a yoga mat