Vietnamese KungFu - Viet Vo Dao
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Vietnamese KungFu – Viet Vo Dao £10.00

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Thu 1st Jan, 12:00am

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Traditional martial art from Vietnam

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Hackney Community College Sport Centre, Shoreditch Campus, Falkirk St, Hackney, London N1 6HQ, N1 6HQ t: 07733838537

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Viet Vo Dao literally means "the way to the Vietnamese Martial Art". It is not the craft of one sole man, but it has been built up over the centuries, through the old time Vietnamese dynasties, through the Chinese invasions, French colonies and more recently the Vietnam War. Viet Vo Dao features a complex and interesting system, made diverse by many different influences. At the beginning of each lesson, we practice the basic techniques such as kicks and punches to warm up the body alongside a comprehensive stretching. Then we work on the Quyens (forms), the self-defense techniques or the sparring techniques. As we evolve and improve our levels and our skills, we move on to the internal work (Chi-kung) and the weapons training.

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