Is a booking confirmation sent to my clients?

Yes. A class booking confirmation is emailed to your client and includes: class information, location and any class specific details such as the need for particular equipment.

Will everyone have to use the booking system

Not necessarily, although it will be much easier for you to keep track of your clients if they do. It’s up to you if you want to take bookings for a class or not – you can decide as part of the process of setting the classes up in the site.

If you have a set of regulars who always come to a particular class, that’s fine. When you set the class up, you can allocate what spaces are still available. So if you have a class for 15, but already have 10 regulars, you can advertise 5 free spaces.

How are payments taken?

Class payments are made through a payment service called ‘Stripe’.

Similar to Paypal, you will need to set up an account with Stripe which allows the payments to be made directly into your Bank Account. We won’t touch you’re cash.

If you do decide to take online payments, then click on the ‘Accept Payments’ tab in the Instructors Admin page and you will be taken through the whole Stripe process.

Remember, you will then need to amend any classes already on the system to accept the payments.

What cards can be used to pay for the classes?

Class payments can be made using all cards and payment types, whether Debit or Credit, including: Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

If I accept online payments, when do I get money in my account?

Money will reach your account in 7 working days from the time the payment is processed.

This is all done through Stripe as we don’t touch your money.


What if I don’t want my clients to pay for classes through the site?

That’s fine, its up to you if you want to accept payments through myfitnesstimes.

You make that decision as part of setting up the class details when your adding them to your timetable.

In fact you can have a different setup for every class – accept payments, don’t accept payments or even only accept payments for a certain number of spaces within a class.  It’s up to you.

What are your fees?

We only take a facilitation fee when you have successfully received a class payment through the website.

This is just 25p per transaction.

Like all online credit / debit card transactions, the payment provider (Stripe) does take a fee too.

Stripe are one of the cheapest in the market at  1.9% + 20p per transaction.



You won’t bug me with emails will you?

We do have to send you some emails, for example when a booking has been made.

But we’ll try and keep them to just those which are absolutely necessary to help you run your business.

A full version of our Privacy Policy can be found by following the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the page.

What services do you offer? is a FREE service which gives fitness instructors and health practitioners a high quality ‘shop window,’ where potential and existing clients can easily search, find and book your classes or make appointments for treatment.

The site can help you manage your timetable, client bookings and even take payments (transaction fee applies) from your clients which are paid directly into your account.

The site will help you sell more spaces in your classes and keep in touch with your clients in a professional and efficient way.

The full list of services and their functionality is detailed on our Instructors Services page.

Do I have to sign any contracts to list my classes?

No. There are no contracts to sign, you just accept our terms and conditions when you sign up and then use the site for as long as you like, that’s it. You can then cancel at any time.

What else does the site give me?

Depending on your preferences, you will be kept fully up to date on bookings made and any money received by your clients. The system will send you automated reminders to ensure the classes are kept up to date and give you summaries of who has booked.

In addition, there is a function which will help you find qualified cover in the local area for classes you may have to miss.

I already have my own website, so can I embed it there, or is it hosted on your site?

Both. You can either refer your clients directly to your dedicated space on or you can embed the timetable and functionality into your own website timetable link.

Once you have opened an instructor’s account you can then login to your dashboard where you will find a Tab to ‘Generate Code.’  You can then customised how the link from your website will look, or even use your own.

The code is a simple iframe that pulls information from all the classes that you publish on

Simply copy the code generated and paste it into your own website template files or where you would like the feed to appear, if you don’t manage your website files directly ask your web developer to do it for you.

Do you have an App?


Yes we have an instructors App for both Android and iPhone.

The App gives you all the website functionality on your smartphone. You can manage classes, see bookings, check clients into the class and communicate directly with any or all of your class participants.

We will be working on a Users App this year and we’ll keep you informed when your clients can start using it.  However, the website is all phone friendly, so they shouldn’t have any problem booking via their phone right now.