New Launch: Class timetable, bookings and payments directly from your own website

If you’re one of the many Health and Fitness Professionals with your own website, then this is for you.

The team here at My Fitness Times is excited to launch the ability to embed your timetable directly into your own website.

You can now have your own professional looking timetable, class booking and class payments system directly on your website – making it simple, easy and quick for new and existing clients to find what they want and book your class.

For your clients, they can view your class timetable, filter to find the right class, message the instructor, book classes and make payments – all accessed from a link embedded in your website.

Its simple to set up. When logged into your Instructors admin page, just click on the ‘Generate Code’ button and then cut and paste into your own website code.

We really hope this will help you take your Health and Fitness business to the next level, presenting your classes in a professional way which really shows off what you can do.

And most importantly it lets you spend more time doing what you love doing … working with clients.

All the very best

The My Fitness Times Team