Six Fitness Classes to try this Autumn

The hot water bottle and blanket are starting to look pretty tempting as the nights draw in and the days get colder. Big jumpers, scarfs and coats are about to come out of storage and back into the wardrobe, but that’s no reason to not feel your absolute best underneath all those layers. Lean in to autumn fitness and find an exercise class near you to put some punch into your fitness regime.

Hot under the collar

If warm is what you’re after, then hot yoga has to be top of your list. Find hot yoga classes near you and you’ll be saluting the sun in around 40°C heat – beat that, summer! The heat not only makes you work that little bit harder – you can be burning calories in the thousands depending on the class – but it also helps loosen those muscles for increased flexibility.

Make a splash

Swimming outdoors: alright, this one might be a tough sell, but bear with us. With that gorgeous autumn light and a backdrop of sunset-coloured trees clinging onto the last of their leaves, swimming outside can be more of an experience than an exercise. Local outdoor pools – and there are more than you can shake your goggles at in London, as well as a handful right across the UK – regularly put on classes to help improve your technique and get you ship-shape.

You’re barred

The last time you tried ballet might have been as a kid in a shocking pink tutu, but ballet is back in a big way now and it’s all grown up. It ticks off core strength, flexibility, alignment and posture, as well as being super fun and getting you looking graceful as.

Work it

Pole dancing might conjure up images of PVC platform heels and minuscule bikinis, but pole dancing is taking the UK by storm as a major exercise class – no tiny costume required. Challenging your body to move in ways you probably wouldn’t believe it could, pole dancing or pole fitness is incredibly dynamic and it’s a bit of a laugh too.


As the name suggests, CrossFit uses a blend of techniques from aerobic exercises to weightlifting. It’s high intensity but if you want to up your strength and condition your body, this is the class for you.

Fast fitness

Insanity classes are insanely (ahem) intense. We won’t sugar coat it; the pace is strong, most classes last for around 30 minutes – but can go on for up to an hour – and you’ll be working at close to flat out doing everything from burpees to squats for longer periods and with shorter breaks. Red faces are to be expected and being sweat shy isn’t an option; but all that hard work will get you fit in no time.

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