5 Reason to join your local Bootcamp Fitness

We all love Bootcamp training don’t we? Not tried it? Well you should at least give it a go.

For a start, don’t be scared of its military ‘beasting’ reputation. The instructor is there to get the best out of you and help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s meant to be hard, but the instructor will not push you too far too fast. There are loads of reasons we love Bootcamp, but here are just 5 of the best:

FITNESS: If you attend your bootcamp at least twice a week we guarantee you will get fitter! The instructor will get to know what you’re capable of and will push you through to progress and build your fitness.

MOTIVATION: At a bootcamp the instructor is there to motivate you and get the best out of you. The motivation comes from the instructor, but also everyone else who will encourage and help you keep going. If you did the same workout at home you would probably start off well, but as you start to get tired you would slack off.

FRIENDS: You’ll make friends very quickly. Working out through a tough sessions help you bond through a shared experience. People that sweat together tend to become friends! And most importantly, once you get to know each other, you will have fun. A session rarely passes without some real belly laughs.

OUTDOORS: What better reason. Some won’t like the cold – who does? But the feeling you get when you’re out there, working hard can never be beaten in a studio or a gym. You have to experience this one to get what we mean.

STRESS RELIEF: We all have different types of stress and bootcamp is great at giving whatever stress you’re feeling a bit of a relief.

Give it a go and I’m sure you’ll find out we’re right. It’s a great addition to any fitness regime, whatever your goals are. Once your there, we think you might just want to keep going back for more.