Are you a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR running BOOTCAMP classes with spaces to fill … you should really read this.

My Fitness Times is a FREE online Classfinder and Class Management system designed to help you build their business. Not only does it allow you to focus more time on your clients (and not the annoying admin), but it will make it much easier for new and existing clients to find your Bootcamp classes and book straight onto them.

There are some great reasons to give a go.

  1. Gives you and your Bootcamp classes access to 1,000’s of potential clients searching for the right class near to where they live – if you’re not on it, they can’t find you.
  2. FREE class management. You can build you profile, list your classes, communicate with clients, take bookings, manage class participants and even accept online payments straight to your account.
  3. Builds your personal brand, allowing clients to find your profile and see a professional forward thinking instructor, able to provide them the services they need online.
  4. Helps you find local class cover from instructors willing and able to cover your classes in the event of an emergency.
  5. Full support from a dedicated Instructors smartphone App, allowing you to manage classes and communicate with clients on the move.
  6. If you already have your own website, don’t worry. You can even embed all this directly into your website, so you have a fully functioning Class Management and booking system on your own site – with the added benefit of classes being available within the overall class finder database.

Almost everything is free on My Fitness Times. However, if you to elect to accept payments online, which is entirely up to you, we do take a small 25p admin charge for each payment. So we only get paid on you successfully getting a client.

I think you’ll find its worth giving it a try.

Good luck

The My Fitness Times team