Clubbercise – nightclub dancing takes a new fitness twist

Picture club anthems turned up loud, flashing disco lights, glow sticks, and some serious adrenaline-pumping dancing. It’s new fitness craze Clubbercise which is taking the UK by storm.

If you like the idea of a workout that burns around 500 calories but feels more like a night out on the town then Clubbercise is probably right up your street. Part aerobic, part dance, it’s taught in a darkened room with disco lighting set to a soundtrack of uplifting club anthems, with anything from 90’s classics like N-Trance, Set You Free to the very latest floorfiller from David Guetta. The trademark flashing LED glow sticks are not only great fun, but as a bonus they also tone up the arms due to the full body workout that a Clubbercise class offers.

Sam Haith, 40, a Clubbercise convert from Doncaster says “I’m completely hooked! I love that it’s so carefree, nobody worries about looking silly you get such a buzz from the music and lights. It’s brilliant for me as a single mum, I get to dance to fantastic tunes, chat to interesting people, get home at a decent time and there’s no terrible hangover the next morning! My cardio fitness has really improved and I’ve toned up as well”.

Clubbercise was created in the UK by three friends who say they hate the gym but love to dance. Co-founder Claire Burlison Green explains “So many people, including ourselves, don’t go clubbing regularly but still love the music and want to keep fit so we decided to start our own Clubbercise class to see if people liked the idea. We quickly realised there was huge demand for more classes so we started running instructor training courses. We launched in early 2014 and have already trained about 250 instructors, the response has been overwhelming!”

There are hundreds of Clubbercise classes up and running throughout the UK, with new ones launching frequently. Find out more at