Exercise tips to fit around a busy lifestyle

We have all pulled that old excuse. Things are just too hectic at work or it’s the kids’ holidays this week – there are a million reasons not to exercise, but you know you’ll feel bad later.

So what you ideally need are a few quick workouts that you can fit in anywhere, things that won’t take too much time out of your day but will give you the exercise you need. We all need to squeeze more hours out of every day in the modern world, so you might need to streamline your exercise regime if you want to get everything done. You should not neglect it altogether, though.

It’s good for your energy levels, you won’t feel lazy because you’ve done your best and you might find that short bursts of exercise suit you better in the long run anyway. If they do, you discovered something new and you can make it a bigger part of your life when you do have more free time.

Here are some of your favourites:

1. High intensity interval training

high intensity exerciseThe new fad among athletes and serious amateurs, HIIT replaces a steady state cardio workout like a jog with a series of short, intense sprints. You can take the same approach with a rowing machine, exercise bike or elliptical machine. Just do short bursts, separated by slow movement like a walk or relaxed cycle as a rest period.

You can be done in 15 minutes. You could run up and down your road outside your house or office if you’re jogging and be back inside and finished 20 minutes later.

You’ll hate it at first, it’s brutal and, well, high-intensity. But it will get your workout finished with before anybody has really missed you.

2. Zumba

The old favourite Latin dance-inspired workout is still going strong. That’s good news if you are shaking your head and saying, “But where are the Zumba classes near me?”

It’s better if you can go to a class, but if you really don’t have that time then break out YouTube. There are plenty of classes on there, which is good enough for a quick fix and you can easily build up a sweat with 30 minutes of Zumba if you find a course that suits you.

3. A personal trainer

This might sound counter-productive, but if you can fit in two half an hour workouts in a week, for instance, you’ll get far more out of your time if you’re using a personal trainer in London. You simply won’t waste time on your phone, or sipping water and recovering. A trainer will push you to the limit, so even though you have less time, it will be quality time.

Of course, you will have to explain your schedule to the trainer. You might even suddenly find that you can spare a little more time when you’ve got your motivational force twisting your arm for another set of reps.