Gadgets to help you exercise

Modern technology can help you make gains when you exercise and can help you monitor, adjust and improve your fitness regime.
Here are just a few of the best fitness gadgets on the market to aid you in your mission to build muscle and shift fat.
Jawbone UP3

This stylish bracelet comes with a built-in fitness tracker, heart health monitor and activity tracker. It’s water resistant, the battery lasts a week and it looks good enough to just leave on your wrist, too.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

These wireless headphones don’t just let you listen to music on the go, they contain a fitness tracker, heart-rate monitor based on your in-ear heart rate and they’ll even provide coaching and motivation. It’s like a personal trainer in London, without the expense.

Go Pro Hero 4

This camera won’t actually boost your performance, but it will give you motivation. Record your runs, put the camera on the floor to check your form, even strap it to your foot for a pup’s eye view. It’s waterproof, too, so you can take it swimming.

Fitbit Aria

This high-tech scale goes well beyond simple weights; it can keep an eye on your Body Mass Index and body fat percentage. It can even transfer the data wirelessly to plot a graph of your progress and keep you pushing for the burn on those tough days in the gym.

Sensoria Smart Sock

Wearable tech is the next big thing and this smart sock epitomises the trend. Designed for runners, it analyses pressure from your feet and ankles to see how far you’ve run and your form, to give you feedback on how to up your game.

Umoro One

If you simply can’t handle the concept of taking two bottles to the gym, or adding powder to water, then the Umoro One is for you. It functions like a normal water bottle, but with the push of a button it drops in whey protein for your post-workout recovery drink. Of course you may have to refill the bottle with water before adding the protein.

Push Band

This simple band slips on your forearm and can be programmed with any number of parameters; for instance you can aim for 20 reps on a particular weight in two minutes. You can forget about counting, the band will take that off your hands so you can focus on your lifts.

Goji Play

Gamification is a trend that has gained serious traction in the worlds of business and education and now it’s coming to fitness. Goji Play works in conjunction with an iPhone or iPad and comes with several games that encourage you to cycle or run faster on an exercise bike or treadmill.

Zepp Tennis

This sensor sticks to a tennis racquet and comes with dual accelerometers and gyrometers that work across three axes. This measures your racquet input and analyses your entire game, from the amount of power you employ to the number of slice shots you use.

SmartMat Yoga Mat

The SmartMat works in conjunction with an app to let you know when your posture is wrong and your alignment just isn’t working. It gives you real-time feedback and helps you correct your position, which technically eliminates the need for yoga classes.