Gym Hacks: Find The Right Personal Trainer To Get The Most Out Of You

Have you ever tried to commit to a regime with a personal trainer and it hasn’t stuck? A personal trainer can be a fantastic asset to changing your lifestyle for the better, or simply to hit a new fitness target, but if you don’t find the right person, it can actually do more harm than good.

Searching online can be overwhelming, so to help you on your journey, we’ve put together some of the most useful gym hacks to help you find the right personal trainer! After all, you have to be able to spend a lot of time and energy with a personal trainer – so you have to get it right!

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5 x Gym Hacks

1. Make Sure they are cert-ainly certified

Believe it or not, the term personal trainer isn’t protected. That means that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer and take money from prospective clients. A good, successful personal trainer should be able to show you their qualifications from reputable organisations, and should come with plenty of recommendations from others like you.

2. Know your own motivation

It’s no use lying to yourself or to your trainer. If you need someone to be quite hard on you, and push you, then that’s the type of trainer you should be working with. Some people respond better to positive reinforcement. Whatever works for you, start from there, and be very clear with your instructor.

3. See the results

You wouldn’t buy flat pack furniture without seeing what the end result looked like, and when you’re shopping around for a personal trainer, it’s fair to ask if you can see the before and after results of their work with clients, whether that’s photos or stats.

4. Choose someone with the right expertise

If you’re looking to become better at a particular discipline, like intense fitness classes, choose someone with relevant experience in that area. Similarly, if you want to bulk up, you’re going to be looking for that six foot two bodybuilder!

5. Develop a strong working relationship

If you can’t communicate effectively with your instructor, it may be time to find a personal trainer who is on your wavelength. To get the best from you, you need to gel – do you feel motivated or punished by their constructive criticism?

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, and to be honest with your personal trainer. You need to feel challenged, but not pushed beyond your limits. Fitness is about getting healthy, and giving yourself a great quality of life, so your personal trainer needs to add, not detract from that!