Your guide to fashionable fitness wear

Sportswear is cool right now, whether you’re working out or not, and it’s not a trend that’s confined to the fashion pack. From retro puma sneakers and funky graphic leggings to hi-tech gadgets, everyone from yummy mummies to teens is embracing it – and why not?

Comfy for cardio

If you’re planning a cardio workout like a run or a spin class, then comfort is absolutely crucial; you need fabrics that are breathable to help wick away sweat, as few seams as possible to avoid those uncomfortable chafing sensations and you don’t want to be covered up too much, because staying cool is key.

Fitness trackers were a niche trend until this year, but they’ve broken into the mainstream in a big way in 2015 – and you know what? They’re pretty cool! If you’re doing a cardio workout then they’re ideal for keeping track of how many steps you’ve taken and the number of calories you’ve burned – the fancy ones will measure your heart rate to make sure it’s totally accurate. Check out our blog detailing the best fitness gadgets to help you choose.

Clothes for classes

Lots of us attend fitness classes like Zumba with our friends and family, which means there’s more of an incentive to look good than there might be if you were working out alone.

Try picking one really bold item of fitness wear like a graphic printed T-shirt, a bright pair of leggings or some neon trainers, then keep the rest of your outfit pretty low key. You can build your look around one attention-grabbing piece, but make sure the rest of your outfit is block colours, so you don’t clash too much!

Keeping it stretchy

For yoga classes and Pilates sessions it’s pretty important that your clothing is workout-appropriate, and that means that it needs to be as stretchy as you are (or as stretchy as you will be by the time you’re done!)

Because you’ll break less of a sweat, you don’t need to be so concerned with high performance items of clothing; just make sure that they’ve got a lot of give. Choose soft cotton jersey fabrics and more subdued tones to suit the relaxed atmosphere of this type of class.

Make sure you’ve painted your nails, because you’re sure to have your shoes off at some point!

Outside the gym

You don’t have to be sweating it out in the gym to embrace some cool and comfy gymwear – fun trainers are a great way to embrace the fitness trend without going the whole hog.

Retro suede trainers look great with skinny jeans or even a dress, while more funky neon colours can add interest to a low maintenance outfit.

Exercise classes near me

If you’re looking for a fitness class near you where you can rock your new threads, take a look on for a selection of options close to you.