Can having a workout partner help your fitness motivation?

It can be hard to motivate yourself to workout, and it’s equally easy to stop when you exercise alone. Here are some good reasons why working out with a partner can help your fitness motivation.

Share knowledge

Many people haven’t learnt much about sports education since they left school – and UK schools have never been that great about teaching people how to exercise and eat right for their workout goals. A workout partner often has knowledge to share, whether it’s about a new set of cool down stretches or a more interesting way to train your core muscles. Exchanging knowledge with someone is a way to advance your sports science knowledge and share your own tips.

Find new ways to workout

It’s easy to get into a rut with exercising and many people stick to the same gym routine for years on end. It’s good to shake it up once in a while. For many people, trying new forms of exercise starts and ends with a Google search for ‘exercise classes near me‘. A workout partner can really challenge you to try new forms of exercise that aren’t always findable in an internet search. One regular runner swapped her workout routine with that of a gym-loving friend and both were astonished at how badly they performed in the unfamiliar workout. It’s good to try new things and challenge your body in different ways.

Keep you motivated

An exercise partner can really raise your fitness motivation – especially if you’re the competitive type. Find a friend that you have healthy competition with and keep pushing each other when you workout.

Someone to spot you

It’s useful to have a spot partner, whether you’re lifting weights and need a safety buddy to supervise you, or whether you want to try some stretches where it’s good to have a partner involved. Working out with someone else can open up new avenues or possibilities in terms of the ways you can workout. It also means you’re able to enjoy sports that require a partner, such as tennis.

Make it fun and sociable

Working out with someone is a fun way to socialise with a friend. Chat as you stretch and gossip as you cool down – it’s all part of the fun of exercising together. Look at our page for exercise classes near me if you and a friend want to find fun sessions to try in a sociable environment.


As the nights draw in it can be safer to be with someone if your schedule means you need to exercise after dark. If you’re a night time jogger, consider going with a pal in order to feel safer in the dark. Exercising in a pair also means that you may feel more comfortable going to isolated areas such as woods in order to run or cycle. And if you’re tackling an exercise that’s potentially hazardous (such as mountain biking) then it’s much safer to go with someone in case you have an accident.

A reason to get out of bed!

Knowing that your workout buddy is waiting for you in the park at 6am is a great motivating factor for getting out of bed!