Why Take a Friend To Your Boot Camp Classes

In many aspects of life, making a decision to do something can be the toughest part. But when the decision you’ve made is to find a boot camp class in your area, and really put the effort into getting fit and staying in shape, it can feel like a huge step! Finding a class is easy, finding the courage to go can be a lot more difficult – and if you feel that you need to get back into exercising, you may not be feeling all that confident.

Boot Camp Classes – Easier With Two!

boot camp classes

Taking a friend along is a great way to get over that shyness and self confidence barrier; you’ll have someone to talk to (if you have enough energy for talking once you get going with your boot camp class), and you won’t have to face walking in on your own. Fitness instructors understand why you take part, and at any class you should be made to feel welcome, but a back-up plan doesn’t hurt! You can find a list of boot camp classes here.

Turn Your Boot Camp Class Into a (friendly) Comp!

Once you have been a few times, and you are comfortably settled into your class, a friend will make sure you stick with it! There’s a really useful article here: http://www.theactivetimes.com/fitness-benefits-working-out-friend.

As well as company on the way there, when there are two of you, you start to rely on each other, offering motivation and encouragement, sharing goals, and maybe pushing each other just a bit harder than you might work out on your own. You’re much less likely to cancel a scheduled class than an impromptu session, and you’re even less likely to cancel on your friend, because it is inconvenient for them.

If you have a companion, it also makes the session much more fun and through the fun of your classes you may well find that a casual acquaintance ends up becoming a good friend. So what are you waiting for? Team up with a friend and get going to those boot camp