The benefits of becoming a Personal Trainer

For many people, work can be a straightforward means to and end to earn money. However if you have a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their health goals, then personal training may be the job for you!

Perhaps you’ve thought about it but always wondered about the hassle it may be to actually go through the training and get qualified? But it may be a lot easier than you think and can start off with a short-term, part time/E-Learning course.

In this guest blog Velocity PT Academy discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in the fitness industry, becoming a personal trainer and whether personal training is for you.

So, what are the benefits of becoming a personal training?

Great earning potential

In every job you must ensure you are earning enough to live on. Depending on who you are, Personal training has great earning potential. Whilst you can charge what you want per hour in most gyms, most PT’s charge between £25-£100 depending on other PT’s in the gym and where they are located. For more info on earning potentials, click here.

Flexible hours

Although it might take you a while to get a good client base, when you do you’ll have great flexibility on the timings you work and can take control of your earnings by working long or short days. Most PT’s say the hours are long however this is often due to looking for new clients. When you have a full client list, you can sit back, relax and work the clients you have in the hours you want to work, focusing on providing a great service to your regulars.

Being your own boss

The best thing about any self-employed business is that you are your own boss! This gives you a great feeling of freedom however it’s still critical to set targets and achieve them to keep yourself on track. When you make sure you’re being a good boss for yourself, you can really start to enjoy not having anyone but yourself to work for! Some personal training courses even have CPD’s qualifications available to help you run a business. Click here to learn more about CPD’s in business skills.

Working in a gym environment

I understand this isn’t for everyone however, if you regularly sit in the office and cant wait to finish so you can get to the gym and train then this is great for you guys! The benefits of working in a gym are free memberships; plenty of time to train between sessions and you are surrounded by people who feel the same about the gym as you!

So what about the disadvantages?        

Hours can be long

Some may say that working, as a personal training is a hard job, which involves long hours. As mentioned earlier, this often refers to a personal trainer who is trying to gain more clients. The more work you put in to start of your career, the easier it will be going forward. Every so often you will have work longer hours to look for new clients if some of your regulars stop having personal training. Also, remember that as a customer focused job, you will often have to work when a client can spare the time – early mornings and evenings are common.

Unreliable Earnings

Although pay for a personal trainer can be impressive, it can also be poor and unreliable. It all comes down to how good you are as a personal trainer and how much you build loyalty with your client base. If you are motivated enough to keep your business alive you can succeed and earn a good wage. You will always have weeks when there are cancellations or weather impacts your numbers in a class, which brings your pay down a little. It is all about being prepared for what could happen and what you will do to keep your business afloat.

Cancellations are completely normal, but you get this quite a lot in personal training and you should be prepared for this as it can get frustrating. The easiest way to stop this affecting your earnings is to put in force a cancellations policy.

Maybe Personal training is for you, maybe its not, however I’m sure you’ll all agree that the potential as a personal trainer far outweighs the disadvantages. If this is something you’d be interested in, visit .