The best Christmas gifts for fitness lovers

Christmas time means different things to all of us, but one thing we can all agree on is that it simply isn’t Christmas without an all-out spread of the best grub your family has to offer. From tins of chocolates to ladles of gravy, mulled wine at every opportunity, cheeseboards and endless leftovers, Christmas time may just be the enemy of every fitness lover on the planet. Gym buffs will be hankering to get back to their workouts after all the fun has ended, and to get some use out of all of their new fitness gifts from Santa. If you’re looking for a great gift for the gym lover in your life, check out our list below.

Promix Protein Shaker

For bulkers, this is the ultimate in Christmas gifts. This incredible protein shaker has built-in vortex technology to ensure that all shakes are completely smooth, with no dreaded lumps in sight.

Personalised Gym Towel

Available in bath towel and hand towel size, these gorgeous embroidered towels are the perfect poolside accessories for avid swimmers, golfers, rowers, runners, or gym bunnies. They come in white or charcoal, a variety of stitching colours, and are packaged in a simple white pouch.

Workout Journal

Anybody serious about keeping track of their gym progress will benefit from a good journal, and this one comes with plenty of additional information about keeping fit and calculating different elements of your health. It’s nicely designed and a great size for popping in the bottom of a gym bag.

Bed of Nails

The acupressure plates on this genius product work to alleviate aches and pains all over the body by pressing on pressure points to ease discomfort. They also help with feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as getting rid of cellulite, so this makes for a fantastic all-rounder. There are multiple products in the range and they come in a variety of colours for those interested in improving their inner and outer health.

Bobble Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is important no matter what your fitness interest, so treating a loved one to a market-topping water bottle is a gift that’s as practical as it is thoughtful. Bobble bottles come with an intelligent filter that removes chlorine and other chemicals from tap water, leaving it cleaner and healthier. It also has a crisper and fresher taste, making it more refreshing, as well as better for the body. There are plenty of fun colours to choose from so you can treat all of the fitness addicts in your life to one of their own.

Get Burning Metabolism Tea

Increasing your metabolism is the key to losing weight and helps in keeping internally healthy and improving overall wellbeing. For those feeling sluggish, Get Burning is made from a blend of herbs to help perk up athletes looking to improve their energy levels and endurance. A traditional remedy used by Chinese athletes, this is well worth making an appearance in a fitness lover’s stocking.

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