The Top 9 Pilates Health Benefits

Pilates is a form of exercise developed by German-born Joseph Herbertus Pilates (b. 1883) in the early 20th century whilst working as a self-defence instructor for detectives at Scotland Yard, UK. Joseph moved to the US in 1926 and began his own fitness studio teaching dancers in New York.

The popularity of Pilates’ spread quickly through the US and, during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Pilates exercise style took hold. Pilates today is practiced worldwide as a testament to its success.
Here are the top 9 Pilates health benefits:

1. Low Impact Exercise

Pilates uses apparatus and mats during exercise classes, which are used in a low impact exercise form. Concentrating on body control, Pilates enables you to have a less labour intensive workout whilst still delivering positive health benefits.

2. Develops Whole Body Strength

The Pilates exercise system utilises your whole body into the exercises helping you develop strength over your entire body over time. Used in conjunction with other activities like swimming, cycling, and running, and with a healthy diet, your body will soon be reaping the rewards.

3. Improves Posture

As your body strength improves, the exercises help you become aware of your body and together with Pilates you will be able to improve your posture. You will feel more confident and relaxed as a result of good posture, which also helps you maintain good back health.

4. Improves Balance

With an increase in body strength and posture, your balance will improve over time especially if you are elderly or suffer from lower back pain. An improved balance will aid you in exercising and taking part in other sports activities.

5. Improves Joint Mobility

The whole body exercise routines of Pilates will give your joints better mobility and flexibility reducing the impact of joint related problems in later life. Increased mobility will benefit you if you, for example, take part in swimming, dancing, martial arts, or cycling.

6. Can Reduce Lower Back Pain

Due to an improvement in strength, posture, balance and joint mobility, combined these health benefits will help toward lowering non-specific lower back pain. So if you suffer from this type of pain or are looking to avoid back problems during other activities, Pilates will be good for you.

7. Can Help You Lose Weight

As you exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet, Pilates will help you to lose weight, body fat, and help you produce a leaner body. Together with other activities, weight loss programs should be a thing of the past.

8. Boosts Muscle Tone

Due to the slow nature of the exercises and strength building, you will see over time your muscles tone up and the reduced body fat will give you a sculpted look you can be proud of. Pilates will help you grow in confidence and give you a self-esteem boost that continues into the future.

9. Helps Reduce Risk of Injury

With all the aforementioned benefits attributed to Pilates as a supportive exercise style in conjunction with other activities, you will help your body remain fit and healthy – reducing the risk of injury. With added strength and mobility, you can help avoid injuries that are caused by activity and stress

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